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Newage Healthcare Services Pvt. Ltd. has been formed to provide complete 360 degree healthcare solutions to patients across the globe at the most affordable cost in India by acting as a partner to our customers to deliver quality services of highest standards.

We understand that seeking medical treatment in a new place can be confusing, but with us you can sit back and relax. We help you in finding the best hospitals and doctors in India at a highly affordable cost.

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Discover High Quality and Affordable Treatment in India with unmatched personal care


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Healthcare has truly turned global. Here is our 6 step process to your journey towards health and wellness.

1: Get in Touch

If you are looking for best and affordable medical treatment in India, share your details including present medical conditions with us.

2: Discussion & Review

Our expert doctor will contact you and discuss in detail about your medical history, diagnosis and review your medical reports.

3: Plan The Treatment

Our experts will shortlist the best doctors and hospitals and cost involved. After discussing with you we will finalize the best option for you.

4: Travel & Stay

Our team will help you in obtaining visa and tickets to India. Also we will arrange the accommodation and transportation as per your choice.

5: Treatment & Recovery

We will provide you with priority appointments & treatments. Also ensure that you are treated with utmost care till the recovery period

6: Happy Return & Aftercare

We will continue checking your health & state of recovery, even after you leave India. You can always contact us for any post-treatment care.

Featured Departments


  •  Hip Replacement
  •  Knee Surgery
  •  Fracture
  •  Dislocated Shoulder
  •  Arthroscopy
  •  Knee Ligament Surgery
  •  Bone Tumor Removal


  •  CABG
  •  Coronary Angioplasty
  •  Coronary Angiography
  •  Heart Valve Replacement
  •  Pacemaker Implantation
  •  Cardiac Assesment
  •  Bypass Surgery


  •  Brain Tumor Surgery
  •  Gamma Knife
  •  Sleep Disorders
  •  Multiple Sclerosis Treatment
  •  Cerebral Palsy
  •  Parkinson's Disease
  •  Autism- Stem Cell Treatment


  •  Crowning
  •  Dental Implant
  •  Complete Denture
  •  Root Canal Treatment
  •  Scaling and Root Planning
  •  Facial Injury Repair
  •  Tooth Extraction


  •  Breast Cancer
  •  Oral Cancer
  •  Cervical Cancer
  •  Prostate Cancer
  •  Liver Cancer
  •  Pancreatic Cancer
  •  Lung Cancer
  •  Chemotherapy

Featured Hospitals